Starting your own Team

Quick guide to how it works

Starting you own Team for the thing you want is super simple. It can take less than 5 minutes, then just start sharing so everyone saves.

Simply speaking, once you register as a Team Manager, you can add Products to your Account. Simply research some of the specifications or details from the web.

  1. Add those details to your product listing.
  2. Add a couple of nice pictures.
  3. List the RRP and the % or amount you hope to save.
  4. Set the Time Frame of your Campaign so everyone knows the deadline. And so they know when they should expect receive the item. Our Team Buying club negotiators then crunch you and everyone a deal over the next couple of days.
  5. Start sharing your new Team Deal amongst your friends !

The great thing is that our Platform supports all of this activity and we even promote your Team to our database.

So whether its amongst your Mums group, Football Club or other, you can quickly grow your Team.

We generally APPROVE your Team within the same day. And your Dashboard shows all your activity as Members join your Team.

Along with pour support on the website and possibly inclusion in our regular email newsletter, the best way to get the word out is via Social Media.

  1. Tag some friends and share the link to your deal.
  2. Ask a few questions to stimulate the discussion. 
  3. Email the link to Friends or Committee Members who also have an email newsletter. The more the merrier and bigger savings.
  4. Contact us also to discuss how your Football club or similar can also earn a commision to help pay for new sports gear or for charity purposes. It all helps as well as getting great savings along the way.

Click on some of the Team Buys below to see how other Team Managers present themselves.

Get Yourself The Best Vacation

Up to -30% On All Vacations.

Best Premium Deals

We source the best deals based on the Group's requirements. Our Top Gun negotiators are experts in Travel, Tech, Energy, Auto and so much more. (Even Cricket Bats - Yes ! True.)

Money Back Guarantee

And remember - At the Team Buying Club, if we cant get you and your Group a better deal, then its a 100% Money Back Guarantee. No Questions asked. If we're not THE BEST, then we don't have a business.

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