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We aim to save our members on various items for the home. But anyone is welcome to join our deals. Share widely and at the same time supporting grass roots cricket - with all its mental and physical benefits. Thanks, Adrian

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Goal: $4000 in savings each over 3 years
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OK. 2022 my wife and I decided that we must finally get into Financial shape. We are combining all various debts into one low rate loan that the Team Buying Club guys will find for us and the members of this group.

Anyone in Australia can really join, but ideally we’d have more firepower if all members had over $10k in debts that they wish to consolidate. There are only a few questions below that you need to fill in, and if your credit rating is average, then your savings maybe less, but we think everyone will save if we have the numbers in the group. What can you loose hey? $30 now to join a stronger growing Team and its refunded if you can’t get a better or even great deal.

Simply fill in the quick form below and add the item to your cart and checkout. As usual, 100% of deposits are fully refundable if a great deal cant be done for the group by the Team Buying Club guys.

Use the Facebook links to share the deal too and write a personal note. We all should be able to save $1000’s !

So lets kick off 2022 in some good financial shape and more free cashflow for the coming years.

Health and Prosperity to everyone this year !



Ringwood VIC, Australia

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    Good luck with this one fellas ! I’ve talked with my Mrs as well and she is going to share the link to this Team Deal. Pure Maths suggests that if 10 or even say 50 people come together, the finance companies will be bending over backwards to do an awesome deal 50 peoples finances. I reckon it would take them weeks and $1000’s to get 50 customers.

    Good luck everyone. Should be a good one I’d say.
    Steve Portelli

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