The Team Buying Club brings together consumer demand for ANY product, so that as a group you have Buying Power !

And then you all get an incredible deal.

You no longer have to accept what's on a Deals site. You decide what you want. You can join an existing group that is buying the product you want and within your desired time frame. Or you can start your own group for almost anything.

Joining a Group and saving is simple.

What Team Buying Club really does is provide a facility for consumers to get together, so that in numbers they have Buying Power. We negotiate on behalf of the group at the end of a Product’s Campaign Period. We take a small percentage of ONLY what we save the group. It’s that simple !

All you have to do is create a basic Club Member registration to jump on an existing Buying Group or Team. If you’d like to start your own Buying Group for a product, simply Register as a Group Manager  or Vendor Account and create your listing. Its best to add a nice photo and any specs to help others too. Set your buying time frame. i.e. within 1-2 weeks or by DD/MM/YY date. Share it with your friends and we’ll even help you as well via our Newsletter and our own Web Advertising.

If you are a Business and looking to save on Business Supplies, Join SME Teams HERE

If you want to learn how easy it is to start your OWN TEAM or what you want.  Read More HERE.


What if my friends or other buyers are in different locations?

Most people’s Social Media Friends Network is quite large these days. And most friends are in the same state. You can share the Team Buying Group opportunity you are a part of and as it passes by on your friend’s News Feed it can seed their interest. You can also Tag friends you think the deal would interest, and ask them to Tag someone they think would benefit also. Then the chances of a great deal for the Group is increased 10 fold through friends of friends and even their friends.  Then more people can get the deal ! We sometimes also offer incentives for your friends to share your deal such as $10 off vouchers or movie tickets if they also register as a Club Member at the TeamBuying.Club.

There are a few scenarios we can work with here:

  • A 10 day Holiday in Thailand for 4 people – The Tour operator can manage departures from multiple locations and only a variable cost to each deal recipient
  • A New Ford Automobile – Can be delivered in multiple states and the winning dealership manages that. Either via their own interstate locations or arranging the identical deal with a local dealer. (We help in this situation on behalf of the Group as well.)
  • A new Miele Washing Machine – We have relationships across the country and National chains can be useful here too if they are competitive and can easily arrange  local pickup or delivery.
  • Major Dental Work – There are some National Dental Practices and also some National and Regional alliances, but still many Dentists are independent. We can generally still negotiate and co-ordinate a deal across the country, so don’t sweat it.
  • A Rolex Chronograph Watch – As this item can be sent by Registered Post and also Insured, we negotiate the best deal from Distributors Nation Wide or across the globe.

Do I have to pay upfront when joining a group?

It depends, but generally, Yes. Say if the Group is to buy a new BMW 4WD, we would not expect you to pay anything near the pre-negotiated retail price before hand and have us hold onto all of that money. In those bigger dollar number buys, we might expect each member to commit at least $1000. This is fully refundable by the way if the group size does not grow enough for a significant saving for the group.

Believe us in that we only hire the best Tigers to negotiate on your behalf, so we know we can almost guarantee a fantastic deal. That’s why we need your commitment, because if you don’t, then you’re letting the Team down right? And, by committing, it means you are serious which gives confidence to new members as well. This can result in a massive group, lots of Social Media Shares and massive savings for everyone.

If for some reason you were able to get a better deal elsewhere, then by all means show us proof of purchase, and we will refund you. No Questions asked. (Unless your best mate owns the shop you supposedly bought it from 🙂 ) We do though encourage you to allow us the time set out in the Deal Offer, for us to do the work on The Deal for you and your fellow Team Members. See our Terms & Conditions for any clarification HERE.

What’s in it for us?

Anyone can start a Group for free and make the minimum commitment. All deposits or Team Joining Fees, are held in trust until the Group reaches a reasonable size for negotiation or the time frame set by the Group Manager. The Commitment or Group Joining Fee, is generally 10% of the RRP visible on the Internet, or a minimum of $100. If no good deal can be negotiated for the Group, regardless of how many members at the end of the campaign, then all the funds are returned to the members. We make our money to support our website infrastructure, and our negotiation Team’s wages, by taking only a small percentage of the group’s savings on a product deal we execute on. Our earnings always only come out of a the small percentage of savings we make for you. And well, if we cant get you a better deal and keep our clients like you happy, we don’t have a business.

We were first invited to join a group during the Beta phase of Team Buying Club. We wanted to buy a Fisher & Paykel fridge. The Group ended up with 18 buyers, and we all saved $412 each. No stress, no risk, just share a link or two. Wow 🙂

We’re now thinking of starting our own Team for a new Caravan, and our goal is for our group to save at least $2900 each. Incredible stuff Team Buying Club !!

Raymond and Paulina, Glebe, NSW, AUSTRALIA

How our Fee works.

For example: On a $3000 Holiday package, if the group ends up with say 15 confirmed buyers, we might be able to negotiate that down for a $700 saving each or ~23% Our fee might range between 5-15%, but  ONLY of the savings.

So at our say 10% fee, everyone in the end gets their Holiday at a $630 saving. i.e. $700 saving negotiated less our Fee of 10% = $70 each. But $630 Off!! – that’s still a great saving on a Holiday Retail offer right?  

So therefore the total for all of our negotiation time and sourcing by our experts is 15 x $70 = $1050. Believe us this is not as simple as it looks, and our Team spend hours building relationships and are some of the best negotiators around. We rarely have any clients that can do a better deal themselves. And we all love what we do for consumers.

See also our Top 5 Tips to making your Team Buying Group work and how to gather more interested Team Members. Click HERE to download it now.

And, our FAQ section can also answer anything else. Click HERE.

And, our suppliers actually love us, too. Did you know that?

They love us as we can bring forward cashflow for them. One bigger transaction saves time, and even at a lower margin, can still bring in more bottom line revenue and faster. We also help them turn over stock and more benefits, such as filling planes, Dentist chairs, Cinema seats and Cars rolling out the showroom door. Our suppliers also want you as long term clients, so there’s also that too.

If you’re a business and would like to be considered by our Buying Team, please contact us HERE.

Love it, Love it, Love it ! We received a Special Beta Testing invite to The Team Buying Club through a friend. We then started our own  Group to buy a new large inground swimming pool. We had over 10 in our group at its close and we all saved over around $6900. Amazing and very little effort. Plus feeling a bit proud too.

Candice Grosso – Moorabin VIC, AUSTRALIA

Welcome to The Club ! 
Teamwork has it’s rewards…

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